Do You Want to Get The Best Laptop in Kenya?

Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re a student, businessman, or professional gamer; your laptop is more than just a tool to get things done – it’s the key to your productivity and success.

But when it comes time for you to buy a new or used laptop, there are so many options that choosing one can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve created this guide!

Best Laptops in Kenya

Best Dell Laptops in Kenya

Read this guide on how to buy the best Dell laptops in Kenya

Dell laptops
Best Dell Laptops in Kenya

Best Gaming Laptops in Kenya

Which laptops are best for gaming in Kenya? Find out here

Gaming Laptops
Best Gaming Laptops in Kenya

Best Lenovo laptops in Kenya

How to buy the best Lenovo laptops in Kenya, what to look for, and the prices

Lenovo Laptops in Kenya
Best Lenovo laptops in Kenya

Best HP Laptops in Kenya

We have a guide for you that will help make your decision on the perfect HP laptop in Kenya and its prices. 

HP Laptops
Best HP Laptops in Kenya

Mini Laptops in Kenya

Are you looking for mini laptops in Kenya? Here best mini laptops in Kenya, their specs, pros and cons, and where to buy them now.

Mini Laptops
Mini Laptops in Kenya

Best Business Laptops in Kenya

The best business laptops in Kenya are ones that have a balance of power and portability, quality components, durability. 

Business Laptops
Best Business Laptops in Kenya

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Not Sure Where to Start?

If you are not sure where to start looking for the best laptop to buy in Kenya, we have a complete guide

Operating System

Windows or Mac OS? You should be aware of what type of company software will work best with your computer (check for compatibility).

Use of the laptop

Do you need a device with maximum processing power or do you just need something to browse the internet and read email on? If your main use is writing documents, then it’s better if you have a laptop that has more storage space.

Size & form-factor

Make sure you pick the size that’s the right fit for you. Size isn’t like the RAM or ROM of a laptop, you can’t upgrade it later. You’re locked into whatever form-factor you select up-front, so choose wisely.


For many users, an Intel Core Processor offers the best performance when it comes to multitasking and multimedia tasks. Core i3-based notebooks are generally found in entry-level systems, while Core i5 makes up the majority of mainstream computers.