Best Laptops In Kenya And Prices in 2021

Revealed: Best Laptops In Kenya And Prices in 2022

Today, we reveal the best laptops in Kenya and prices you should expect to pay.

But before we dive in, there is something I need you to understand.

Some of these prices change from time to time. Therefore, you should be aware of the possible changes before you make a decision to buy.

Otherwise, these are the laptops to buy in Kenya.

Here are the best laptops in Kenya and prices.

These are the best laptops in Kenya and prices. We can now look at each more deeply.

If there is one that caught your eye, continue reading to learn more about it.

#1: HP ENVY x360 m best HP laptop in Kenya and Prices

best hp laptop in Kenya HP ENVY and its prices

The HP Envy x360 is the best budget laptop you can get today. With touch screen capabilities, you can crank out notes on the go without worrying about the keyboard, thanks to the full HD display which is also pen-enabled.

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In terms of multitasking, this laptop has got your back. It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 12GB of RAM, enough to bulldoze piece of work thrown at it.

Wait, there is more;

The 360° geared hinge is innovatively engineered to rotate 360° so that you can use your device in four modes.

Summary of HP features

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U – 2.5GHz
  • Ram: 12GB DDR4L-SDRAM
  • Hard Drive: 1TB HDD
  • Display: 15.6″ Touch Display (1920 x 1080)
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

This is arguably the best HP laptop in Kenya. And you can get it on Jumia at KES 85,500.

#2: Lenovo Ideapad S145 Best Lenovo Laptop in Kenya

Lenovo Ideapad S145 Best Lenovo Laptop in Kenya and prices

There is no doubt, Lenovo Ideapad S145 was built to last.

Its design and features are geared towards giving a long-lasting performance. Combining power and style in a stylish manner and light to carry around.

With this, this laptop is the perfect machine for your day to day operations. With its 15.6-inch display and perfect audio systems, you can enjoy breathtaking media plays at any time.

As of storage, Lenovo  Ideapad has 1TB HDD storage, more than enough to store any file.

Processing power is on another level. With its 4GB RAM and an Intel Celeron processor, you are sure to never worry about sluggishness when playing games, editing videos, or doing anything that requires much computing power.

Summary of Lenovo Features

  • Display: 15.6″ HD TN
  • Processor: Intel Celeron
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, Webcam

 If you are looking for the best Lenovo laptop in Kenya, this is it. It is going for KES 42,999 on Jumia.

#3: Lenovo Refurbished Thinkpad X131e

Lenovo Refurbished Thinkpad X131e and prices

If you are looking for a business laptop in Kenya, Lenovo X131e is built for the job. With its rich multimedia tools, you can be working on a business project and enjoy a rich sound and audio quality from its speakers.

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What stands out most with this laptop is its full-sized keyboard designed to reduce gaps between keys by 60%. This means that you are less likely to replace the keyboard anytime soon.   

Coupled with a revolutionary and advanced drainage system which collects and diverts liquid away from circuitry through the drainage hole in the bottom, never worry about spillage on the keyboard.

Summary of Lenovo Thinkpad features

  • Display: 12.5″
  • Intel Celeron
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM 
  • 320 GB Hard disk
  • Lenovo X131e
  • Refurbished (not new)

Being refurbished means it is not entirely new but has been restored back to its manufacturer state. Going for KES 18,899 on Jumia.

#4: DELL Inspiron – best dell laptop in Kenya

 DELL Inspiron - best dell laptop in Kenya and prices

Dell Inspiron has been designed to entertain the entire family and accommodate business users alike

With a 14.0 display, the Inspiron 5581 Notebook from Dell is powered by an  Intel Core i3 Core processor

Such power allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously. 

As for the processor, it comes with a boost speed of up to 2.0 GHz and the in-built 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Meaning, you can access files quickly and multitask like a boss.

Summary of Dell Inspiron features

  • Display Size: 15″ 
  • Storage: 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 2.0GHz speed
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 
  • Battery Cells: 4-cell
  • Intel Graphics

Jumia selling it at KES 54,499. Check Now.

#5: Asus Laptop 15 X509J – best Asus laptop in Kenya

best Asus laptop in Kenya and prices

Two words only:

Fast, efficient.

This Asus laptop comes with a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and NVIDIA® MX graphics. Which gives you the power to do tasks without feeling the slugging.

With a weight of just 1.8kg2, the Asus laptop 15 X509J is extremely portable. Meaning you can in the beach and blogging like me, or moving from one place to place attending lectures without being weighed down.

Wait until you take a peek inside. It is powered by up to an 8th Generation Intel® Core i5 processor. When you couple that with a 4GB RAM, you got a monster of a machine tearing through every task without complaining.

And storage of 1TB, you will get tired stuffing files in there, trust me.

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Summary of Asus X509J features

  • Screen Size: 15.6 inch
  • Screen Type: HD LED 
  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • Storage: 1TB HDD, 4GB Memory
  • Windows 10
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

You can get it now for KES 48,699 ON Jumia Kenya.

#6: Acer Refurbished TravelMate B113

best laptops in Kenya and prices

Get down to business with an Ultrabook that features an optional 12.5‎”‎  display and a beautiful design‎.‎ You can watch comfortably without straining.

This thin ‎(‎21 mm‎)‎ Acer B113 has a starting weight of just 3.6 lbs ‎(‎1.63kg‎)‎ with a 3‎‐cell battery and comes standard with,‎ durable aluminum‎,‎ soft-touch finishes, and a powder-coated base‎.‎

Underneath this machine, there is a 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, and 320GB hard drive storage at your disposal.

Weighing in excess of 1.63kg, its lightweight makes it highly portable and attractive to students and business persons.

Summary of Acer TravelMate B113

  • Screen Size & Type: 12.5″ HD,
  • Storage 320 GB HDD Drive
  • Processor:  Intel Core i5
  • Operating System: Dos
  • RAM: 4GB RAM

You can get it now on Jumia at KES 22,999, which is a steal considering the machine normally goes for cool KES 26,000.

Wrapping Up best laptops in Kenya

There you have it, best laptops in Kenya and prices.

Here are the best laptops in Kenya and prices.

Here is an article revealing the best laptop stands in Kenya. And a guide to buying second hand laptops in Kenya also.

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